Istanbul Sony Playstation Repair: Delivering Reliable Services Nationwide

Istanbul Sony Playstation Repair: Delivering Reliable Services Nationwide

Since our establishment in 2009, we’ve been at the forefront of offering PlayStation repair services not only within Istanbul but across Turkey, leveraging our extensive network of branches throughout the country. Our primary objective is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction by upholding professionalism and expertise in every aspect of our service.

Customer-Centric Approach

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we extend our top-notch services to customers all over Turkey, ensuring swift and efficient resolutions. We take pride in employing original components and delivering dependable repair services. Our specialized expertise allows us to fix devices that often other providers would deem irreparable, saving our customers from unnecessary motherboard replacements and excessive costs.

Prompt and Efficient Repairs

We prioritize speedy repairs, aiming to complete most fixes within the same day to minimize downtime. For more complex issues requiring extensive repair work, we commit to delivering the repaired device to the customer within a maximum of 3 days. In Istanbul, we’ve streamlined the process with our motorcycle couriers, collecting and returning devices to customers’ doorsteps. Additionally, our customers have the convenience of making payments to the courier upon device delivery.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Our service portfolio includes reballing PlayStation processors through state-of-the-art BGA equipment, authentic HDMI socket replacements, power supply repairs, or replacements. We excel in precise motherboard repairs and are capable of addressing various software glitches, reducing fan noise, improving cooling performance, and providing professional solutions for error codes during software updates.

Addressing Diverse Issues

For both PlayStation 4 and 5, we offer guaranteed repairs for a range of issues such as display problems, unexpected shutdowns, and other electronic malfunctions. Our expertise extends to diagnosing error codes for known PS4 and PS5 models, offering hard disk replacements or capacity upgrades, and efficiently resolving joystick-related problems, including drift issues and unresponsive buttons, with our reliable repair options.

Transparent and Customer-Focused

We maintain a transparent approach in our operations, conducting a thorough diagnosis of the device before providing repair cost estimates to our customers. We prioritize customer approval, ensuring they’re fully informed before proceeding with any repairs. At our establishment, we do not charge for diagnosis if the repair isn’t approved, putting our customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of our service. Please visit and for more information on PlayStation repair and service.


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