Istanbul Playstation Service: Your Trusted PlayStation Solution

Istanbul Playstation Service: Your Trusted PlayStation Solution

At our company, we go beyond borders, offering PlayStation service not only in Istanbul but across Turkey with our branches. Since 2009, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable service to PlayStation users all around Turkey.

Comprehensive Services

We are a leading company that provides PlayStation service not only in Istanbul but throughout Turkey with our various branches. Keeping customer satisfaction at the core, we offer a range of repairs and solutions. Our repairs are usually completed on the same day, but for more complex issues that require extensive repair, we ensure the device is returned to the customer within a maximum of 3 days.

Efficient Process

Within Istanbul, we utilize motorcycle couriers to pick up devices from customers’ addresses and deliver them back using our courier service. Customers also have the option to make payments to the courier at the door.

Professional Expertise and Warranty

With our professional expertise and qualifications, we use original materials and provide guaranteed service. Unlike other companies that resort to replacing the motherboard at higher costs for devices they cannot repair, we specialize in repairing many of those devices.

For most issues, we offer a service guarantee of up to 2 years. We cater to service solutions for devices purchased internationally, as well as those with local warranties or no warranties within Turkey.

Specialized Repairs

We employ BGA devices to perform reballing on PlayStation processors, replace and install original HDMI sockets, and repair or replace power supplies, ensuring optimal performance. We can expertly repair motherboard malfunctions or replace irreparable ones with original replacements when necessary.

We can address a range of issues including software malfunctions, excessive fan noise, overheating, and network problems, providing prompt solutions. Specifically for PlayStation 4 and 5 devices, we offer guaranteed repair solutions for display issues and electronic malfunctions, such as spontaneous shutdowns.

Diverse Solutions

We provide solutions for all known error codes of PS4 and PS5 consoles, offering services like hard disk replacement or capacity upgrades. We do not charge for diagnosis; customers are only invoiced if they approve the repair after the diagnosis.

Please visit our websites and for PlayStation repair and service options.


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